Living in Mysore for the past 29 years, I have an intense affinity towards the city.
The name of the beautiful city "Mysore" was derived from Mahishasura - a buffalo headed monster whose statue is located atop Chamundi Hills.
There are a plenty of reasons for me to love Mysore. May be I can list a few among them here in my blog.
First of all Mysore has the best weather. Living in Netherlands at present,I absolutely miss the pleasant weather at Mysore. I must say, the best part of starting your day in Mysore would be a walk at the Kukkarahalli lake. It is a serene lake which has a beautiful walkway which is surrounded by lush green trees, shrubs, lovely birds and light breeze. It is among the favourites for the nature lovers. And for those who love to gaze at the sunrise and sunsets, there u go ! Don't forget to try the fried fish sold near the lake. I bet that you will love it. I really miss that so much !
Mysore Palace is one of the historical places in Mysore. It is the official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty. It is a supremely detailed piece of architecture ! The palace is huge and you will be amazed to see the detailing inside. Well, while I am talking about the palace, let me also mention about the Dasara festival celebrated in Mysore.
The city of Mysore has a tradition of celebrating the Dasara festival from a long time. It is during the time of Dasara, when the whole Mysore is lighted up and it looks tremendously amazing! It is a treat to the eyes to see everything illuminated with vibrant colours around you. There is a lot of crowd from other parts who drop in Mysore to visit Dasara, especially on the last day of Dasara while they take out the procession.
Mysore Zoo is also one of the most prominent tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India.I cannot list all of the species there. So I suggest, you must pay a visit and you will not regret it.
And hey ! are you someone who loves gazing at the glare pretty lights? Well, I am one of them. How I miss going atop the Chamundi Hills and gazing at the lights in the dark nights. The view from the top is simply mind-blowing!
Mysore city has a huge dam which is named as Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam (KRS Dam) was built across river Kaveri, the life giving river for the Mysore and Mandya districts, in 1924. It is a significant irrigation and drinking water source for the people of Mysore, Mandya and almost the whole of Bangalore city, the capital of the state of Karnataka. The KRS dam is also a popular tourist attraction which attracts a huge crowd. Love birds and boating? Then, don't miss out on Ranganatittu Bird's Sanctuary where u can go boating and watch the migratory birds, crocodiles and bats.
Mysore is a hub for the foodies. When I talk about the food there, I literally feel like running back to Mysore. Do you want me to suggest some of the best food junctions?? Here you go, Dosa point in Mysore serves the best possible dosas. It's always been my mom's favourite place. The dosas served there are delicious. There is a chat street near the Marimallapa's college in Mysore where u get the best dry gobi. And there is Kalidasa Road in Mysore which is surrounded with food joints. It's a must visit I can say. My personal favourite place is tandooriwala. It is where I have had the best tandoors ever ! And for the Biryani lovers,you can relish delicious Biryani out there in Khan's restaurant Visit Corner House for the yummiest ice creams. Most importantly don't miss the Mysore Pak !.
Mysore is also famous for the Mysore silk sarees which are manufactured in the Mysore Silk factory. They are in the purest form of silk. Mysore itself is such a lovely place and it holds beauty in the outskirts too !
Srirangapatna is a town of cultural, historical and religious importance.It is located near the city of Mysore. There is Darya Daulat Palace which is amidst beautiful gardens called Daria Daulat Bagh. This Palace is where Tipu Sultan lived in Summers and so, it is also called as the "Summer Palace".Other attraction is a mosque called Jumma Masjid and it has stone Arabic inscriptions which mention the 99 titles given to the Prophet Mohammed. The town is also famous for a very ancient temple dedicated to Sri Ranganathaswamy, a form of Lord Vishnu. Sri Ranganathaswamy temple is one of the five important pilgrimage sites along the river Kaveri for devotees of Ranganatha. In Srirangapatna, you can find many other attractions like Tipu Sultan Gumbaz, Karighatta view point, Sangam river and Wellesley bridge.
Most of all which inclines me towards the Mysore city is my family, friends and memories with my loved ones there. Miss you so much Mysore ! 🙂