Ravi Hebballi
Entrepreneur,Wildlife Photographer, Artist
Partner - The Orange Door Studio & Boutique
Is greenery required?

It has been researched and proven that having greenery around enriches the quality of life, helps lead a peaceful life, creates a cleaner atmosphere and also helps in maintaining a healthy mental balance. Those living in a greener environment are far more happier than their counterparts who stay in barren or concrete areas. Maintaining a small garden in your balcony or terrace, window sill or your walkways will contribute to a healthy living, be it, physical, mental or emotional. Research has found that gardens impart a sense of mental stability and help stay from a stress free life. Watching your plants grow taller and greener brings that innate joy and happiness. Having greenery around hospitals has a better calming effect on the inmates and patients seem to recover mush faster in such an environment. A patient seeing a green patch from his room would feel better than seeing a building next door.

Cultivating gardening as a hobby will be the perfect recipe for this stressful modern day and that would help in recouping what we have lost because of the busy and monotonous life. Presence of lush green environment calms the mind and has a therapeutic effect on people, resulting in the deterrence of violent tendencies or acts. Presence of gardens in public places attracts large groups of people which act as a social control. This is because the presence of people discourages potential perpetrators. Importance of afforestation need not be stressed as it is already been proven and efforts are on at every stage to promote greenery around us. Our planet has been badly abused, bruised and tortured with the way modern life has crept in. It is constantly trying to cope with the way human beings use natural resources, clear forests, cut trees, and contaminate the air, water and land. Along with this, adding to the misery is the population explosion, large scale pollution and the industrial revolution which is taking a toll and bound to cause irreversible and permanent damage to the earth. The result what we see today is global warming and climate change. In this scary situation, the only way each individual can help is by promoting and encouraging greenery around. Plant a tree and extend the life of the planet!