Dr Shiraz Salim Khan , Gasteroenterologist


There are moments when you know without a shadow of doubt that if you could find a way to change but could not find the right impetus …We all have those moments when we feel something that fires us up so much that we have to act. Of course, we often allow those moments to pass, indulge ourselves in monotonous social media, or vent the issue with friends over a cup of coffee, letting the passion dissipate.
Other times, we find our passion is like a strong wind that blows us into new territories that ultimately changes our lives, and if we are fortunate, positivity sets in and impacts the lives of many others. To serve in this way is a gift, giving us the opportunity to act in the world in a meaningful, way. I found my passion at the crossroads of social work and medical practice, and discovered it to be a gratifying field with many adventures of the heart along the path.
Working in social care gives one the opportunity to positively transform people's lives; support independence and the fulfilment of people's aspirations – sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances – and ensure someone's life is happy and loving as it can be. Ours is not normally a one-off or episodic interaction with people, like a lot of healthcare. We can build meaningful relationships. Perhaps the reason I encourage social service.
The passion about making a difference in social care, whatever job we do, and as a doctor any opportunity to support the good work so many people do and help restore the public confidence in a world that is constantly changing. ‘’Every generation needs caretakers and the care taker of your generation is you ‘’