Dr. Sarah Haq


True to the name Mysore Welfare Trust with our NGO - DIA has a social vision which is genuine and path breaking in the welfare of the Society. The broad spectrum of our activities, appreciation and encouragement received within a short span of time speaks about the trust people have in us.

We endeavour humble way to reach out to our fellow citizens of this beautiful city and give them an encouraging new lease of life. Through determination inspiration and advocacy, our strategic pillars.

We are strongly focused on sustainable well being of children as they are our tomorrow. Protect them and guide them to the best of avenues by showcasing best efforts , dishearten child labour, and reduce Social Stigmas, and violence against women and children ensuring women and children to be protected from cruelty, exploitation and provide awareness on human rights With various Health awareness campaigns, we aim to add quality to life.. we want to play imperative role in mental health awareness and destigmatization of the same. We further work in integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society.

My experience over the years has shown that if we limit ourselves we are responsible for neglecting our society, I strongly believe that human potential is many folds we just have to unlock it and shoulder responsibility as citizens of this diverse nation.

Our love towards our city motivates us in development of nature and environment, duly protecting our rich heritage. We aspire to see MYSURU as a dream destination on the global map.

With DIA we are committed to empower youth, through collaboration at grassroots to tap their potential, as we strongly believe that our young people can transform the society with their participation in adapting innovations to prosper.

I personally request all social influencers, especially community leaders, teachers and students to join hands with Mysore Welfare trust – DIA in vital mission reaching out to large numbers of people for affiliation with this welfare tasks, so that they could look forward for a healthier tomorrow.

I would like to thank from the core of my heart to the team members, volunteers, philanthropists, Advisors and various Institutions for their immense encouragement valuable guidance and tremendous support.